The International Scientific Conference „Kaleidoscope Space” Interdisciplinary perspectives on alternative spaces

„Kaleidoscope” is an informal group bringing together specialists from several fields of study.
Under the auspices of „Kaleidoscope” in partnership with the Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest the conference ‘Kaleidoscope Space. Interdisciplinary perspectives on alternative spaces.” was held on 10th and 11th December 2015.

The conference is divided into two sections.
• The first section takes place on 10 December 2015 and is focused on presenting scientific papers on the study of alternative space. At the same time, it aims to create a context that encourages interdisciplinary academic socialization on space and promoting alternative methods to study it.
• The second section will take place on 11 December 2015 and aims to achieve a dialogue between science, practice, reality and art. Therefore, participants will be invited to take part to a tour of spaces of the other in Bucharest.

ARCUB, Gabroveni Inn, Lipscani Street. 84-90 correspondent in Gabroveni street no. 50-53, Bucharest

Conference objectives
• To establish a meeting place between those who study space;
• To catalyze the exchange of information and research methods;
• To promote alternative space as an interdisciplinary scientific theme, extremely useful in the context of today’s complex spaces;
• Promote unconventional, informal study and representations of space;
• To achieve a dialogue between science and art
General approach

Alternative space is not just a different kind of material space, a physical space as an alternative to conventional space, nor a simple passive and neutral territory, but a relational framework concept, active and most of all social. It is a space defined by relationships, created and recreated through significances given by people and it becomes a space of social practices that require the involvement of sensory, cognitive and emotional individual decoding and assigning specific meanings. Perceived space, mental space, the third space are some of the possible names of this entity that interacts constantly with each of us and without which man would not be able to travel in time and space. Only one science is not able to completely study space, it needs the contributions of related areas to have a holistic approach to the subject.

Starting from these premises, we invite people from different fields such as sociology, anthropology, geography, urban planning, arts, psychology, architecture, literature, history to propose papers that address the issue of alternative space in order to identify, theorize and integrate new perspectives for analyzing space and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration in the future.


Organising Committee:

  • Adina Manta – Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Sociologie și Asistență
  • Cristian Ciobanu – Universitatea din București
  • Cezar Buterez – Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Geografie
  • Robert Stoiculescu – Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Geografie


Scientific Committee:

  • Laura Grűnberg – Universitatea din București, Facultatea de Sociologie și Asistență Socială
  • Duncan Light – Bournemouth University
  • Craig Young – Manchester Metropolitan University

* Selected papers presented at the conference will be later published in journals or in a collective volume